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How Do I create an Account?:"

Create an account-

- Click "Register"Click to Add Title

What's the benefit of the membership?:

Our members are families that plan to be with us a period of term and what better way to say thank than to give discounts and free gifts. Mathematically you would save more with a membership over the course of 3 months involvement with programs that we offer than you would paying full price.

What's the difference between private lessons and package hours?

Private lessons are only for 1:1 ratio, you're paying for the participant to have a one on one training session unless you add a family member. Private lessons can only be redeem during times they are offered, not during package hours sessions.

Packaged hours are 1:12 ratio, you're paying a discounted fee for the participant to be in a group setting. Based upon the amount of hours purchased when registering for a class one hour will be deducted. The package hours can only redeemed at times they are offered, not during private sessions times.

How can I purchase a membership, make a payment to my account or pay my team fee?:


-Click "Purchase Membership" Button

Memberships are $160 per 3 months or $500 per year

What programs do you offer?:

We offer Camps, Classes, Clinics, Private lessons, Open gym and travel teams and we would come to your school to host basketball programs.

How can I see or update my account info or previous programs purchased?:

-In the header click "manage my account"

-Log in from the top right corner

-My Info

-To the right are documents

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