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Private & Group Sessions

Sometimes our children can feel a little inadequate when comparing themselves to fellow teammates, or they want to prepare for a spot on a competitive team. Whatever the motivation, everyone stands to benefit from our private lessons.

Our private lessons are specifically tailored to each child’s learning style.

Our seasoned coaches provide instruction in hands-on, vocal and auditory learning styles to ensure each student is able to fully grasp the concepts and techniques he or she needs most to improve both his or her game and confidence.

Private lessons can be conducted individually or in small groups.

Private lessons are centered around your child’s current position on his or her team, however, it is our intent that over time he or she will be learning to play multiple positions.

In today's world kids have busy schedules. It is the parents job to make sure our children are taken to all of their activities, however YWB understands how daunting this task can be. YWB makes private lessons easy! WE COME TO YOU!!

If you’d like we can come to your home, local park, or your local gym in addition to offering lessons at our facility. All ages are welcome for private lessons. Sessions can be scheduled outside of program times contingent upon gym availability.

If Spots are not shown than we're sold out for that date, please continue to a later date in your search!

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