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YWBallers is a profound basketball program based in Essex County, Bloomfield, NJ. We are an organization of elite coaches and trainers who provide basketball services such as camps, classes, one-on-one or small group sessions, clinics and travel teams.   We accept all ages however, our target audience are children third grade through 10th grade.

Please note that all programs have a limited number of participants in order to assure great quality.

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The Vertimax Experience

Basketball requires specific skills that must be executed while moving at a high speed or while changing directions. Successful basketball players possess high levels of strength, power, and agility while maintaining the endurance needed for long games.

While the specific characteristics and demands of the basketball players vary depending on its position, basketball training drills are designed to improve the physical and emotional demands required of basketball players. 

With the right basketball training, a player can improve their speed, agility, reaction times, and endurance. A trained player will pass and shoot the ball with better accuracy, and play longer than their opponents, all while protecting the muscles and joints needed to perform with explosive speeds during their games.

The Importance of Agility in Basketball

In basketball, a strong vertical jump and rapid agility can be the difference between a good basketball player and a great basketball player. If you want to jump higher and improve your side-to-side reflexes, you need to center your training around the best exercises proven to produce results.

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Congratulations to our participants

We've enjoyed every moment of our journey


1st NJ States AAU, 4th B-Ball Spotlight, 1st USB​A Nationals


4th NJ States AAU, 3rd Zero Gravity Nationals, 2nd AAU Nationals


1st Coastal Sports league, 1st D1 and 2nd D2 NJ YBOA States, 1st Zero Gravity states and 4th Zero Gravity Nationals, 5th YBOA Nationals 


Our teams either won 1st place or were placed top four in the following events:

Coastal Sports, Positive Influence, Next Level, Made Hoops, Monroe Sports center, Boo Williams, Agame, Garden State, Bball Spotlight, NJ AAU States, Bball shootout, Zero Gravity, All In, Rio may Classic, Zoo Crew, M.I.T's, Hoop Group, and Big foot plus many others. We were also featured at Madison Square Garden Knicks vs Bull game.


Our Teams either won 1st place or placed top in the following tournaments:

Hoop Group JR. Jam, AC Live, NJ AAU States, AAU Nationals, Ballin Out Summer League, Y.E.S., Adidas NYBL, Zero Gravity States, Zero Gravity Nationals, Rucker Park Summer League, Zoo Crew Summer League, Starting 5, ESYC AAU Spring Elite, Basketball Shoot out, Bball-Spotlight, Woodbridge Wizards summer League, Young Gunz Tournament, Big Apple Circuit, Puma bask 2 school, Sportika Easter Classic, FCP and much more !!!!!


Our Teams either won 1st place or placed top 3 in the following tournaments:

845 Elite Hardwood Classic, Top 100 Phenom, Bulldogs Holiday Classic,  Nike iS8, BBall Spotlight, AAU States & Nationals, Zero Gravity Nationals, UAA Future, BBallShootout, Select Events King of Prussia, ZG Showdown, Youth Elite Sports, M.I.T's, John Lucas, Made Hoops, Top Shelf, Garden State Basketball, Elevate Hoops, Teach Them Young League,  More to come......


The effort you put out is the results that you see

Coach L. Young

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